Sunday, January 09, 2005

Death of the imagination

The imagination has been so debased. now the imagination is rather something that exists something outside ourselves. like scincefiction or some imaginative reciepe that no one has ever tasted. like starwars "so imaginative", and start trek so imaginative. and lord of the rings,all those dwarves, "so imaginative". imagination has moved from being a part of our link. from the most personal link from our lives. and the world outside this world, the world we share. so horafiying it is if what is in one's mind donot match wht's outside. why has imagination became a synonym for style. I belive that imagination is a passport we create to take to the real world. i think that imagination is another phrase for wht most uniquly us. some one said "the greatest sin is to be unconsious", holden said "wht scares me most is the other guys face". it wouldnt be so bad if u both be blind folded. most of the time the faces that we face is not of other guyz but our own faces. and its worst kind of yellowness to be so scared of yourself that u blind folds on rather then deal with your self. to face ourselves. thats a hard thing. imagination is gods gift to make the process of self examination bareable.


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