Saturday, September 04, 2004

The story of Lollipop

Hmmmm ...
Odd title for an entry i must say, but yeah this entry is about lollipops. well wht happend last night at the store, a guy came in to buy lollipop with his friends. they brought loads of them. Morris was there with me having his coffee is usuall. after handling the customers i told him that if a guy of that age eat lollipops in pakistan we will call him crazy. Morris said,"what do u think why they like them ". well its a candy morris boy. "dear i am afraid there is more into it".

morris told me that they take lollipops in the club and every single one lasts like 1 hour. and between that they dont have any drinks, hence saves money. now they are mave sugarfree so there is no health issues aswell.

Then he added the lollipops were invented in spain(more to it later). and the guy who actually invented them made a fortune out of it and died last year. then he added "c syed a small idea made him billionair". impressive ...

After coming home i searched for anything about the invention of lollipops. u know wht they were invented in USA. i thought morris u bloody liar.

apart from all that nareeman is really sick so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz every one. pray for her. rizwan and rizvi are really worried :(

bye for now


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