Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Memoirs of a lost man

I was watching the movie red dragon this evening when faraz came in and asked me, "eshtee where are ur keys". i started to think about it but the smile on his face has already told me that i had forgotten it in the door outside. not for the firts time.

What is happening to me. y have i become so careless. i was never like that back in pakistan as far as i remember. may be it was because of my dad because he would'nt allow me to be so reckless. well then after finishing the movie i went outside to return it. i could have taken the tram but i wanted to walk. wanted to feel the air. the wind. reminds me of the old days. good and bad. i always liked to walk alone at night times. used to think about wht i am doing. but now things have changed. now i just dont want to think.

ne ways i walked and walked thinking about the past. thinking about my people. every one has his own world once said someone. a world at the center of which that person lives and the whole world just rotates around him. but should people get out of thier own worlds and stray in others lives. something that i am doing. i practically
dont have a life anymore. yeah true and its fun. arggghhhhh i m tired know just came back from a long walk. will continue it later. i m kind a missing my old self.


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