Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Two Wishes

In the silence of the night Death descended from Godtoward the earth. He hovered above a city and pierced the dwellings with his eyes. He say the spirits floating on wingsof dreams, and the people who were surrendered to the Slumber.

When the moon fell below the horizon and the city becameblack, Death walked silently among the houses -- carefulto touch nothing -- until he reached a palace. He enteredthrough the bolted gates undisturbed, and stood by therich man's bed; and as Death touched his forehead, the sleeper's eyes opened, showing great fright.

When he saw the specter, he summoned a voice mingledwith fear and anger, and said, "God away, oh horribledream; leave me, you dreadful ghost. Who are you? Howdid you enter this place? What do you want? Leave thisplace at once, for I am the lord of the house and willcall my slaves and guards, and order them to kill you!"

Then Death spoke, softly but with smoldering thunder,"I am Death. Stand and bow!"

The man responded, "What do you want? What have you comehere when I have not yet finished my affairs? What seeyou from strength such as mine? Go to the weak man, andtake him away!

"I loathe the sight of your bloody paws and hollow face, and my eyes take sick at your horrible ribbed winds andcadaverous body.

After a moment of fearful realization he added, "No, No,oh merciful Death! Mind not talk, for even fear revealswhat the heart forbids.

"Take a bushelful of my gold, or a handful of my slave'ssouls, but leave me. I have accounts with Life requiringsettling; I have due from people much gold; my shipshave not reached the harbor; my demand, but spare mylife. Death, I own harems of supernatural beauty; yourchoice is my gift to you. Give heed, Death -- I havebut one child, and I love him dearly for he is my onlyjoy in this life. I offer supreme sacrifice -- takehim, but spare me!"

Death murmured, "You are not rich, but pitifully poor."Then Death took the hand of that earthly slave, removedhis reality, and gave to the angels the heavy task ofcorrection.

And Death walked slowly amidst the dwellings of the pooruntil he reached the most miserable he could find. He enteredand approached a bed upon which a youth slept fitfully. Deathtouched his eyes; the lad sprang up as he saw Death standingby, and, with a voice full of love and hope he said, "HereI am, my beautiful Death. Accept my soul, for you are thehope of my dreams. Be their accomplishment! Embrace me, ohbeloved Death! You are merciful; do not leave me. You areGod's messenger; deliver me to Him. You are the right handof Truth and the heart of Kindness; do not neglect me.

"I have begged for you many times, but you did not come;I have sought you, but you avoided me; I called out to you,but you listened not. You hear me now -- embrace my soul,beloved Death!"

Death placed his softened hand upon the trembling lips,removed all reality, and enfolded it beneath his wingsfor secure conduct. And returning to the sky, Death lookedback and whispered his warning:

"Only those return to Eternity

Who on earth seek out Eternity."

--- by Gibran.


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ooooh nice post... quite thought provoking :)

August 25, 2004 at 10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting post indeed...

August 25, 2004 at 8:55 PM  

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