Saturday, July 24, 2004

That funny sad guy

Some one told me once that a person's life is not just his own. All the people in the world contribute to one's life. Throughout my life, so far, I have uncovered that not you but the people around you decide what you are going to be or going to do. The people around you mold you into the person of their choice. Sometimes they can’t mold you but because of their effect on you, you become something else. A very good example of this case is Rizwi. But it is always the people around you.

I met the funny sad guy when I was working at the shop. A couple of weeks back. Saad asked me how can be a person funny and sad at the same time. So lets define funny. Funny is something that amuses you. Not the person but you so the person doesn’t have to be happy to be funny. Like a comedian, he doesn’t have to be happy to perform. He doesn’t even have to be happy after getting the check for that performance, but that’s a separate story. Hence its proved the a person don’t have to happy for being funny.

Some people are sad and they behave in such a manner in that state of sadness or tension that they appear funny to us. Like the car salesman in "FARGO" who planned the kidnapping of his own wife. There was nothing comic about the character and the person was really under a lot of dispersion but it appeared funny, at least to me.

The person I met was funny coz of his nature. He likes to have people smiling around him. Sad coz he has nothing and he wants nothing. I couldn't understand him myself. He always wears a pretty welcoming smile on his face but I was never able to find the glow of life in his eyes.

Last time I met him he was planning to go back to Ireland. I think he has left. Once I asked him about his hobbies and stuff. He first laughed and then replied. Eshtee you know what, the worst part of being poor is that you don’t have time for anything else. Funny isn’t it (sigh)...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sad but true.

July 27, 2004 at 11:19 AM  

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