Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Done with exams

Atlast the exams are over. just chilling out these days. couple of days back i went to mount buller and for the first time in my life i experienced snowfall. It was a quite soothing experience. Wakas arranged the whole plan. Being with wakas tought me how difficult it would be, for others, to tolerate myself. He is pretty much like me, talk too much, thinks NOT too much, and wants to be the boss. hahahaha yeah thats me ..

Job is going along fine. I called abdul who was working in my place and told him that i will be joining from tuesday. He still wants to work, but man i need money myself. so now i am working like 6 days/week.

During exams i started to chat with erum again. well when u r online all the time u can take some time out between studies. and when its erum, man u have to :) but now exams are over and now its very unlikely for me to be online all the time, so i wont be seeing her for a while :( I called back home too after the exams. they are all happy that i have completed my masters. I am a little bit lost now, i dont know what to do next. i dont really want to do anything. i think there is nothing worth doing anymore. ne ways they want me to come back ... yeah riiite.

Mom told me that riffi (younger bro) wants to talk to me. WHAT mister riffi wants to talk to me ?? well i had to be astonished as we didnt had a conversation for the last 4-5 years. i wondered what he wants. well it appeared that he wants to get some information about the studies here in australia. He is doing bachelor in pharmecy.

I have started to apply for IT jobs too. lets see what comes up next.

Saturday, June 19, 2004


I hate exams. I guess every one does. I am not at all in the mood of studying these days. But i think i am doing pretty good. Job is also getting along fine. My last exam is on the 22nd. I m planning to hibernate a bit after that ... just job and relax. Thinking of getting a guitar :). I m tired ... need some timeout, its been so long since i have taken a 'REAL' break.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

It has begun

It has already begun. I have started to forget the faces of my people. Its not that long i bet, but it has started. i dont have pics of anyone here so its hard but i got mine online so no one will forget my face.

yeah i know they will forget me. A couple of years before i was a person to most of the people around me. Now i am a chat window or for some a bunch of pics. After some time i will be out of there lives. Ironic is'nt it but this is human nature. They forget dead connections, dead people.

yeah they'll forget me ...

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Keeping my fingers crossed

Yesterday i talked to annie about the vacations i needed for the preperation of my exams. actually i asked her before and i just wanted to confirm the dates. she havent given me any vacations :(. technically she has swapped my shifts so i m still working like 35 hours a week.

Damn, anyways i am keeping my fingers crossed.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Another day another dollar

Have been too much bz for the last one week. had to give DICE demonstration as well as the .net project demonstration. both of them were quite successful. the exams are going to start from 7th and gonna end on 22nd. would be my last exams for this MS. aaaaahhhh i m relieved but i am also a little scared because i will be getting damn bored again. i have to find out new activities for my self. well i'll think about them after the end of exams.