Thursday, May 27, 2004


Just completed a website in .net. I am pretty much convinced that ASP.NET is the web development tool of the future. The development is really fast and easy. But the language requires some maturity so do the IDE. Last two days i didnt had no time. Hina mailed but i m not going to mail her. Ahmy also mailed she wants to apply to ITIM. ill give her Saad's number.

Today i worked with waqas. No doubt he is a good developer. i learnt some new things today. Rigth now listening to Nayyar Noor. She is the best

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Yesterday, when i was on my way to work, i saw a girl sitting besides Nandos with her dog, face down, quite. She had a cardboard in front of her with FREE SEX written on it. I stoped there to have a closer look at the writings. The rest was, "hey, now i got ur attention. what a petty that a girl like me have to be a sex symbol to get attension from the rest of the world ...". A silent protest. First i laughed, then i felt ashame of myself. Some times u hate ur self so much that u just cant bear it.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Brief encounter

Last night i met a racist. The guy was drunk, well not fully intoxicated but was a litle tipsi. He asked me for a packet of smokes. Then he started to tell me that he dont like black people and indians. we had the following conversation.

Customer: i am a rcist and i dont like black or indians
Me: good for u

Customer: r u a racist
Me: not really

Customer: so u r a racist
Me: no i m not

Customer: but u just said so.
Me: well u can say that i m racist to only racists

Customer: explain
Me: well if some one call me a black ass, ill call him pig face. somthing like that.

Customer: man i dont want to offend any one. i just dont like being with u people. i dont feel comfortable.

Then his cab driver was at the door so he had to leave. I think if that person was a racist then i m too.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

I am glad

Last week when i started to blog, I was wondering what i m going to put here. Now i think that i was wrong.
First of all the demo and assignment went ok. i still have a couple of assignment and and unix lab test due next week. after completing the assignment i had a short basketball match. Me and tarun against asad and ahsan. we won. Annie called in the morning. she just cant enough of me ;) well she wants me to do a couple of extra shifts next week. well ill look into it. then Ali called and ask me to be at his place by noon. the party was fun. we went to Dandinong where we had afghani kabab and roti. in the evening i made a delicous fruit chat. yummm yumm. at night i had to work to i slep around 7:30 got up at 11 and then back to work.

i called home found out that mom and dad are not there, talked to baji and then called Saad. Saad was surprised that i called, after all my reputation has always been like a "dont give a shit" kind of a person. Any ways he sounded kina weird, he asked me when am i goin to come back. i think he misses all the friends. well good news is he is getting engaged next month. i think every one in this world is just running to get engaged. he sounded kina bored. must be the routine.

Every person needs friends. to share there thoughts and there feelings. i m glad that i never had problem making friends. i m glad that that faraz and asad are here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Abhi mood nahin hai

Last night i slept in front of my computer while i was working. when i woke up it was almost 2 am and the submission was due at 12. Thnx God faraz was there and he submitted the assigment.

i am feeling really tired today. i have to give DISE demo in the evening and submit the apache configuration files by 12 tonight. i am really not in the mood today.

I found this ghazal some days before. i liked it

Benaam Sa Ye Dard, Thehar Kyon Nahi Jata,
Jo Beet Gaya Hai, Woh Guzar Kyon Nahi Jata,

Sab Kuch To Hai, Kya Dhundti Rahti Hai Nigahe,
Kya Baat Hai Main Waqt Pe Ghar Kyon Nahi Jata,

Woh Ek Hi Chera To, Nahi Sare Jahan Mein,
Jo Dur Hai Woh Dil Se Utar Kyon Nahi Jata,

Main Apni Hi Uljhi Hui Raho Ka Tamasha,
Jate Hain Jidhar Sab, Main Udhar Kyon Nahi Jata,

Woh Naam Jo Barso Se, Na Chehra Na Badan Hai,
Woh Khawaab Agar Hai To Bikhar Kyo Nahi Jata

Monday, May 17, 2004

May be next time

Can u believe it. i had to spend 1 and a half hour more at work coz Amanda had a cramp. she didnt showed up and she asked me to call annie and arrange someone else to do her shift, bitch !!. neways i m goin to get extra money for that so its fine. i m working at dice assignment, man the design report is due today and i havent started it yet. Faraz is also working on it but faraz ... u know. yesterday when i was working on dice "SHE" came online. she wanted to talk but man when u are doin programming in java with jms and rmi u just cant think of anything else. I really wanted to talk to her but.... aaarggghhhhhh shit!! May be next time.

Back to work.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Ali got engaged

Yesterday morning waqas called and asked me whether I am interested in watching Troy @ the cinema. Well I was really very bored so I decided to see the movie. Good movie altogether Eric Bana was awesome and Brad Pitt was good too. Fighting sequences were gr8. Any ways got back after the movie I had only 5 hours to sleep and while I was sleeping Ali called. Well the guy had come back from Pakistan after 1 month and he is calling himself. He told me that he went to my apartment twice but asusual I was not at home. What can I do I always have so much to do. Any wayz he wanted to tell me something but man I was really very sleepy so I just couldnt listen to him. He asked me to call him around 8:00 and u know what I got up at 9:00. I knew its his sleeping time so I didn't call him.
Its morning now. Just half an hour before he called and told me that I am invited to his engagement celebration on Wednesday. SON OF A BITCH DIDN'T TELL ANYONE. Well I m really happy for him. He is a good man.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Sal's interview

Sal called last night. I was working as usual @ the store. Well not really working ;) anywayz, he has taken the interview and he thinks that he is surely goin to get this job. I think he deserves it after all he has been working at different stores for the last 4 years. Ali is back from Pakistan, and I haven't met him yet. hmmm I know I should've but its the end of the semester and I got too many things to do.

I may see him on Sunday though.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

My first weblog --err Blog

Its nearly 8:00 in the morning. For the last two hours i am thinking about doing something new. Well here goes nothing.

.. laterz